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social determinants of health

Vitalyst Spark: The Health Data Challenge, Part 1

Every day we come to work thinking about how data can make a better world. There are few “probletunities” as exciting and impactful as connecting health care, public health, and health outcomes.

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2 SDoH Reports Every Public Health Director Needs

During a pandemic, the needs of your community increase. As a public health leader, you need the right data so you can respond effectively. You need information that helps you provide transparency.

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Spotlight: Highlighting Root Causes of Inequity in KCMO

Healthy environments and systems of fair access are vital priorities for public health. Working towards these priorities isn’t always straightforward. Meaningful, lasting change is the result of.

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Mapping Health Equity: Start With Race

Race and health are tragically linked. Race is not a risk factor for disease; racism is. Racism leads to inequities in health outcomes, including low birth weight, high blood pressure, and poor.

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COVID-19 Affects People Differently Based On Where They Are

I’ve been interviewing folks on the mySidewalk leadership team about how they’re viewing COVID-19 through a disaster recovery lens. I learned from our CEO, Stephen Hardy, that disaster recovery 101.

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