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A Better City Performance Dashboard: Data Has Never Been So Sexy

What did City Leaders need most? That was our question in early 2019. The mySidewalk team interviewed dozens of city departments around the U.S. to answer it. Our goal was to understand what the.

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Customer Spotlight: Next Level City KPI Transparency [Video]

During a crisis, communication is more crucial than ever. So today, we're turning our customer spotlight on our partner, the City of Williamsburg, Virginia. Showing off their unique take on.

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5 Reasons Your City Needs Realistic Peers

Peer cities can be a powerful framework for understanding progress in your community. Yet the process of identifying peers is complicated, because it involves underlying value judgments about what.

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COVID-19 Affects People Differently Based On Where They Are

I’ve been interviewing folks on the mySidewalk leadership team about how they’re viewing COVID-19 through a disaster recovery lens. I learned from our CEO, Stephen Hardy, that disaster recovery 101.

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Disaster Recovery Means You Never Go Back to Normal

He walks into the office wearing a baseball cap and is laughing within 10 minutes. That’s how I think of Stephen Hardy, mySidewalk’s CEO. When I met him, I remember thinking how much his exuberance.

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How to Apply for Grant Funding During COVID-19

Your agency is likely hurting. No matter what kind of funding you have or have not received as part of the new COVID-19 stimulus and grants, it’s probably not enough. For many of you, you’re also.

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City Performance: How to Get Your City Ready for Data Transformation

It’s no secret that just as advances in technology and data analytics have made the phones in our hands more powerful and useful, so too have these same advances powered “smart city” transformations.

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mySidewalk Empowers Williamsburg to Map City Performance KPIs

I had no idea what to expect. As one of the newest members on the mySidewalk team, I had just barely gotten my head wrapped around what we did. So when I was asked to interview the city leaders of.

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