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Locate Your Community's Affordable Housing with Data from the NHPD

NEW: National Housing Preservation Database (NHPD) indicators are now available to all mySidewalk subscribers.

Addressing your local affordable housing market has never been easier.

Federally assisted housing units are a critical component of your local housing market. For households with low or very low incomes, a federally subsidized home may be their best shot at a stable, healthy, and affordable life in your area.

That is why the incredibly talented teams at the Public and Affordable Housing Research Corporation (PAHRC) and the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) built the National Housing Preservation Database (NHPD) in 2011. The NHPD is the premier database for understanding subsidized housing including the largest address-level inventory of federally assisted rental housing in the US. 


Download and visualize subsidized housing data indicators in seconds.

PAHRC and NLIHC have now partnered with mySidewalk to take that database to the next level. In partnership to provide decision-makers everywhere with access to such an important dataset, the NHPD is the latest data source to join our vastly growing community data library.

Indicators include properties assisted by the following HUD and USDA programs:

  • Low-income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC)
  • Section 8 contracts
  • Public Housing
  • HOME Assistance
  • Section 515 rural rental housing loans
  • Section 514 direct loans
  • Rural development Section 538
  • Mod Rehab
  • Project-Based Vouchers (PBVs)
  • Section 202 direct loans
  • HUD insurance programs
  • State Housing Finance Agency (HFA) Funded Section 236
  • State-funded subsidies (CT, FL, MA only)

Thanks to mySidewalk’s proprietary data enrichment process, over 50 new indicators are now available to all mySidewalk subscribers.

In addition to totals of current federally assisted properties and homes, indicators include subsidies expiring in the future and breakdowns by program types and homeownership and funding streams.

A complete list can be previewed here.

All indicators are available for 14 geography types including state, US congressional district, metro and micropolitan area, county, state senate district, state house district, unified school district, city, town, city council district, ZIP code, neighborhood, and census tract geographies.



Understand your community's affordable housing market today.


All indicators are available now to mySidewalk users. Data can be searched and downloaded directly, or used to create a visualization and be shared via our accessible online reports.

Subscribers can login now to start searching for NHPD statistics in their area.

Not a current subscriber?

Please schedule a demo with mySidewalk for a demonstration on how the NHPD data and mySidewalk's data tools can help you address affordable housing in your community today. If you're interested in more about the raw data from NHPD, request access from preservationdatabase.org.

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