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Fire Data Analytics: It Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard (Webinar)

You know how important it is to have the right fire data analytics, especially to attain and maintain your accredited status. But managing that data can be overwhelming and inaccessible. Most importantly, you don’t have time to figure it out. If that rings true, this webinar hosted by the Center for Public Safety Excellence is for you.

You'll Learn

  • How to create data consistency, so you can benchmark and be confident in the analytics
  • The benefits of granular reporting, AKA a do-able approach for continuous improvement
  • Tips for getting and maintaining accreditation, and going beyond quarterly reporting

This article includes the webinar recording, presentation PDF, and key takeaways.


Fire Data Analytics: It Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard (Webinar)  

Below is the full webinar recording, and you can download the presentation slides here.  

There were so many valuable insights, but here are a few key takeaways from our speakers. 


Fire Data Analytics: Takeaways

First, be specific in analyzing your fire data. Avoid choosing too many indicators, so you don't end up with "analysis paralysis." What do you want to know? What indicators help you make decisions? Your answers are the KPIs you want to track over time. Pick quantifiable metrics you know you can influence like turnout time – if you can't measure it, you can't manage it. Once you've identified your KPIs, then follow the data over time to establish trends.

The trends data is incredibly insightful. For example, here's how mySidewalk's Chief Technology Officer Matt Barr described the recent trends we've seen from mySidewalk fire customers. 

Matt Sound Bite -- FINAL
As you can see, the departments that launch a mySidewalk dashboard get to emergencies faster. They're reducing almost a second per month on their turnout times.
Another lesson learned was that you should document your fire data analysis process to avoid reinventing the wheel each time.Analytics It Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard Webinar Get Data Specific Document Data
Find a partner to help. Before joining mySidewalk, our Director of Fire Solutions, Sara Wood, was an NFIRS Program Manager at the State Fire Marshall Office. In her work there, Sara experienced fire data frustration frequently. In this clip, she shares what she would go back in time and tell herself to do differently. 
Sara Sound Bite FINAL
Start where you are. If your fire analytics aren't as effective as you need it to be, you can't afford to wait. But you don't have to go it alone. mySidewalk helps you combine your fire data with the best-in-class analytics platform to inform decisions and save more lives. We’ve partnered with hundreds of fire departments across the country to help teams get to emergencies faster.
For example, this three-minute video shows how mySidewalk empowers the Springdale Fire Department to get insights. They can now measure incident tracking, monthly progress against goals, and trends over time. See their Fire Performance Dashboard.

mySidewalk + CPSE Fire Data Analytics It Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard Webinar Pull Quote

We hope you found the presentation helpful. If you want a deeper dive, you can watch the full recording here, or learn more about mySidewalk fire solutions.  

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